Saturday, June 7, 2014

Surfing Turtle Lodge

The inescapable heat and humidity of León had taken it's toll and we needed a change of scenery. About 30 minutes outside the city lies a small island, Las Brasiles, where The Surfing Turtle Lodge lies. We did a grocery run and grabbed some groceries and mojito necessities, hopped a cab, and headed towards the coast. From there we hopped in a small motor boat that brought us over. It's a solar powered, off-the-grid lodge, only having power for a short amount of time and only using electricity as needed after 6pm. 

We arrived on Melissa's birthday and enjoyed the sunset, homemade ceviche and many sips on the balcony off our dorm room, which was on the second level with screens being the only thing separating you from the outdoors. 

The beach was very excluded. You could walk for hours and it was likely to not see a single person the whole time.

There were also tons of crabs all over, which we had a lot of fun harassing. 

Our days were spent reading, hammocking, cervezaing, swimming, and napping. Each day as the sun began to set there'd be a volleyball game. Winners got a free cocktail and the losers were made to buy a Smirnoff Ice, stand on the bar and dance to Ice Ice Baby, and then get on one knee and chug it. Some things never get old I suppose.

The Lodge is fairly small, with one main building with the dorm room and bar area and then 3 other private cabanas and a kitchen and eating area.

Chug-a-lug boys

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