Friday, July 4, 2014


Granada. Ostensibly the first European city of the Americas. Although others claim the same distinction, Granada can be found on the official records of the Crown of Aragon and the Kingdom of Castile in Spain. It was founded in 1524 and historically one of the countries most important cities when it comes to economics and politics. 

Granada is a beautiful, colorful city. Much of the city was once destroyed and burned by an American general, leaving the words "Here was Granada" printed.

A market/shopping area with artisan goods, bars and restaurants

I loved all the color in this city! Here's a little cafe in the plaza serving up traditional fare. 

The Cathedral of Granada

Most of Granada's streets are very narrow, seeing as the city evolved long before the presence of motorized vehicles. Most streets are one ways and there are lots of motorbikes as well as horse drawn carriages. 

My supermodel friends in Parque Central

A lot of Moorish influence can be seen in some of the architecture and design of the city. This hotel was called La Alhambra and was so beautiful! 

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  1. ive visited Granada in Spain and visited the la Alhambra (the old palace) and I can see the resemblance!