Monday, April 7, 2014

La Isla Flores

After a few relaxing days in Semuc Champey we were headed north towards Lake Petén. Within the lake lies the small island of Flores. I loved this town! It had a very beachy feel to it with warm, balmy evenings and very hot, sweaty days... not that I have any room to complain after leaving Chicago and that oh so lovely winter we had. Anyways, we enjoyed some rest after another day of traveling from bus to bus, standing for 3 hours on another bus, cramming in a van and sitting on laps, hopping aboard a boat and then climbing in another van that finally brought us to Santa Elena. From there we walked across a bridge bringing us onto the island and found our home for the next week or so.

This little yellow tri-wheeled vehicle is called a tuk-tuk. 

This was taken at Cool Beans, "el café chilero". This quickly became a favorite breakfast & coffee spot of ours with it's good music, great scenery, and free, freshly chopped coconuts to sip from. 

Un desayuno típico - plátanos fritos, pan, huevos y frijoles

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