Friday, April 25, 2014

San Pedro, Lago Atitlán

After El Mirador and Tikal we were a bit templed out and ready for some new scenery. San Pedro de Atitlán was next on our list. Marissa has been living here for about 8 months now and we were all excited to see where she's been living and what she's been up to in her Guatemalan digs. Getting there was, of course, another long travel day. At one point I actually had 4 people on my lap as we piled in and piled high, desperate for any space we could find to rest our tired bodies. This was all after being booted off a chicken bus that not only overcharged us but lied and told us it was a direct bus to our destination - which it clearly was not. We stood on the side of a winding mountain highway for a few minutes, cursing our situation and the man that scammed us before figuring out what to do from there. Ah, the perks of be so obviously foreign.

After a few more interesting and cramped rides, we began the descent towards Lago Atitlán. The views were incredibly beautiful and it appeared as though we were headed into a little seaside village, as the lake is very large with small waves lapping against the rocky shores.

Some sort of sickness finally hit Lindsay and I while we were here, but we had nothing to do here but relax and be lazy.  I sat shoreside at a popular local hangout, simply known as "the rocks", when I happily saw these goons paddle past. 

The mountain shown here has been deemed "la nariz del Indio", or "the Indian's nose". See the profile of the face in the mountain?

The rocks

We spent another day hangin' and sun bathing on the rocks as Lindsay and Joshua graced us with their lovely tunes. 

The view looking towards town

The lake is surrounded by 3 volcanoes, all of which you can see here. 

La nariz del Indio again. This was our view from a restaurant one day where we ate some delicious tortas & tacos. 

San Pedro is a very small town. One of those towns that's so small it's like high school all over again. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone knows everyone's business. Marissa and friends have come to know it as San Pedrama. Also, that nose was every which way you looked! 

Las Chullas in Buddha Bar, where Mern works. 

I was finally feeling better and ready to hit the water. And because I know you want to see my beautifully manicured feet...

We paddled pretty far and found a private beach of sorts. It was made up of small pebbles, wonderfully heated by the sun. They felt amazing when you laid down on them. 

We even caught a live show from one of our favorite bands!
"TONIGHT - live music - Bluegrass Duo Lindsay Lou & Joshua Rilko" 

If you're not already gettin' down to these fine tunes, you probably should be. Check 'em out, they have free downloads! <-- "Release Your Shrouds" downloads (whole band) <-- New EP "Here Between" download (Duo album with Josh & Lindsay) 

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